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Parents are worried that a new challenge known as the Momo Challenge rumored to be a suicide challenge on WhatsApp might be the successor to the Blue Whale Challenge. So far at least one . A sick suicide ‘game’ dubbed “Momo” has been spreading on WhatsApp, prompting police to issue warnings about the shocking challenge..A new internet challenge targeting children could be deadly, and tech experts believe it’s spreading rapidly online..Days ago Whether the “Momo Challenge” is real or not, technology experts say its an important reminder for parents to be aware of .”The Momo Challenge” is a social media account with a presence on WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. When users communicate with “Momo” via a phone number, Momo responds with violent images .Days ago Buffalo, N.Y. WKBW The Momo Challenge is a new internet challenge that is potentially dangerous for people to play. It’s a game where people voluntarily text a number associated with the .Momo challenge is a suicide inducing game being spread on WhatsApp wherein a disturbing picture of a sculpture is being forwarded along with several instructions for . Momo Challenge West Bengal Govt Taking Steps to Combat The Killer ‘Game’ The killer ‘game’ features a creepy image of a girl with distorted face and eyes bulging out called the “Mother Bird by Link Factory”..Dear brother, our childhood wouldn’t have been memorable if we didn’t have the silly fights! Just when the unsettling air around the deadly Blue Whale game was simmering, a game that claimed .WASHINGTON Circa Some news outlets are sounding the alarm about “Momo,” a new “suicide challenge” children are taking through popular messaging app WhatsApp. So far, the “game” has been linked to at least one, that of a year old in Argentina. The concept and the associated images sound .

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